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We are pleased to announce that the office is now open and seeing patients.  What a whirlwind of activity has taken place to get the office in operational shape.  In keeping with the priority that we have set for taking care of patients, I am writing from a folding table, with a painter just down the hall putting finishing touches on a door frame.  Earlier, I ducked to the side so the ceiling could be readjusted in my office.  Blessed are the flexible.  I was so pleased to see patients today and start the journey of alleviating pain and helping patients.

6 comments on “Office News”

  1. Thresa Reply

    Do you see patients for interstitial cystitis? With Blue Care Network?

    • James Berg Reply

      We have some patients with interstitial cystitis but treatment for this condition is usually done by a urologist or internist. We do accept Blue Care Network.

  2. Becky Reply

    I have fibromyalgia and I’ve never had headaches but I’ve had them come constant for 4 months, seen a neurologist and I’m wondering if I can get nerve block close to my skull which is what’s is causing the pain. Or something for musculoskeletal pain in neck causing headaches and whole head pain?

    • James Berg Reply

      Sorry for the long delay in answering. It is often helpful to have occipital nerve block injections, but getting to the cause of why the nerve is irritated to begin with is the longer term concern/solution. Musculoskeletal neck pain is one of several possible components. Can you have a referral sent so I can look over your information?

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